QuickTime – 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Licence: Gratis
Author: Apple
Size: 40,0 MB

QuickTime Player is the official multimedia player by Apple.  It can be downloaded to a PC to play the company’s signature QuickTime .mov video format.  However, it does give PC users some other video format options in order to integrate better with the other system.

The official QuickTime video player

The latest version of QuickTime Player delivers amazing quality and is easier to use than ever before.  In fact, the program practically does all of the work for you.  It automatically determines the speed of your system’s connection and chooses the highest quality stream according to the amount of bandwidth you have available.  If you ever lose your internet connection while streaming a video, the player automatically reestablishes from where it left off.

Like all programs by Apple, the design of QuickTime Player is slick and intuitive.  It hides the features that you are not using, maximizing viewing space until you are ready to use them.  The player has all of the basic functions you could possibly need for enjoying MOV video formats, as well as a couple of others such as MPEG-4 video, H.274, AAC audio, and Instant-On media.  QuickTime Player includes easy to use tools like balance control, bass and treble controls, ability to save movie favorites, and live resize.

The newest version of QuickTime Player has various improvements to enhance your MOV video viewing experience.  It has made changes to increase reliability and improve compatibility.  The interface has been enhanced to be even more user-friendly.  The program has also added new playback capabilities and streaming media support.

To be able to play MOV videos on your PC, why not give the format’s official player a try?  Download QuickTime Player for the most efficient way to watch these types of videos.

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