Proteus – Sandbox Exploration Game for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Author: Proteus

Traverse a strange audiovisual world

Proteus is a free roam, exploration oriented sandbox type game.

Taking its lessons from games like Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto, Proteus deposits players in a strange world…and let’s them do whatever they want to do. The gameplay is purely about exploring one’s environment, there’s simply no other objective or way to describe it.

In terms of the environment that will be explored, Proteus seems relatively normal, with day and night, winter/spring/summer/fall, and a sense of time, but it has a lot of random elements. Characters, water location, all of these are randomized on each playthrough of Proteus, and players have an equal chance of encountering a snowy ice cap as they do encountering a pile of leaves.

Even more interesting is the way that Proteus blends the soundtrack with the game, making odd sounds depending on the type of terrain and the players’ location on the island. The sounds almost sound as though they’re trying to combine into a symphony, if only the player could get to the right stages of exploration, but that would be a goal – and in Proteus the goal is legitimate exploration.

This game merits playing, and playing repeatedly. The more playthroughs a player performs, the more he/she will grow to understand that the events of the world are truly randomly generated, and the world itself is there for exploration – not ‘winning’ or ‘losing’.

Proteus is an extremely innovative and interesting sandbox type game that has some people in love and others scratching their heads.

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