Protect GameGuard – Avoid Hackers Playing Online – Windows – Free Download

Protect GameGuard

Anyone who has spent time in the online gaming world has likely run into a hacker at one time or another. That player who ruins the game for everyone else by cheating their way to the win. Gamers can rest assured however that game developers are developing defences more and more all the time, and nProtect GameGuard is one such defence.

INCA Internet Company has developed this rootkit that is popularly used in the coding of online games. The goal of the software is to prevent cheating, with the added bonus of blocking malware and adware for players. It accomplishes this by keeping the game application harder to get to, and by blocking certain functions (related to keylogs, Windows APIs, and select Direct X pieces) that have been commonly associated with malware.

GameGuard also maintains its own set of hacking databases. These databases encode information about the popular hacking tricks that have been recorded in over 250 games.

That being said, because GameGuard works in the background (functioning similarly to a rootkit), it does occasionally create problems for the gamers in that it may slow or freeze the game in motion. Additionally, because GameGuard hides itself as a process (to stop people from working around it), it cannot be shut down manually by the user. It does shut down with a log out or a restart of the system, but this can cause temporary frustration to the gamer.

GameGuard’s ability to stop hacking has made it so popular that it has been used in several recent games. This list is too long to detail in one review, but include such titles as L.A. Noire, Ragnarok Online, City Racer, Digimon Masters Online, and more.

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