Power Audio Cutter – Audio Extraction – Windows – Free Download

Power Audio Cutter

Cut any song and change the format

Power Audio Cutter is an audio extraction and conversion tool for any one looking to work with music files.


The program is capable of extracting portions of audio data, ‘cutting’ them into separate parts, and converting the parts to different file formats (or performing simple file format conversions). It supports everything from AAC to WAV, and most of what’s in between.


What’s more, the program is wonderfully easy to work with. All users need to do is work with the main file, and select a destination to save the clip they’re about to cut. Users can decide between mono and stereo quality sound, and select the audio codec of their choosing.


Other than that, it’s just great sound production. Power Audio Cutter is a great program for any one looking to quickly and easily cut audio files, or convert them.



  • Easy to use
  • Supports most popular audio file formats



  • Incompatible with iTunes
  • Lacks advanced functionality
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