Poker Tournament Supervisor 2.1- Poker timer and much more!

Poker Tournament Supervisor
Version: 2.1f
Licence: Trial Version
Author: Graph-et-in - Hermann SOrais
Size: 39,1 MB

Now you can coordinate your own poker game with Poker Tournament Supervisor, as it gives you all the tools you need to do just that. Unlike other poker applications, Poker Tournament Supervisor is not just a poker timer. It is a complete poker tournament manager with a wide variety of useful tools.

Although this application is not meant for entry-level players, it has an impressively user-friendly and intuitive interface. One thing to note is that Poker Tournament Supervisor does not deal with video poker at all. It is strictly for organizing and managing live poker games. The setup is easy enough for the experienced player, although many users have said that it is necessary to sometimes refer to the help menu in order to understand exactly what to do in some places.

Poker Tournament Supervisor offers the user a powerful database, an extremely high customization level, export capabilities, useful statistics, and even emailing options. The basic functions like setting up buy-ins, payments structure, chip value, and blinds is simple through the  main menu. In the actual play, you can set time limits, each player’s bet, the ante, and every possible angle of play.

Although the set up and actual gameplay is not always intuitive with Poker Tournament Supervisor, if you can get the hang of it, it is an incredibly useful tool. So if you are either already a tournament organizer or are looking at getting into you, you should definitely check out Poker Tournament Supervisor.

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