Podmailing 0.10.0 – Share big-sized files by email

Version: 0.10.0
Licence: Free
Author: Podmailing
Size: 8.2 MB

Large files are always difficult to share online. Free file sharing sites are a pain, not everybody has an FTP server to share stuff and sharing them by email can take ages – if your email server can handle a 10MB email attachment at all.

Fortunately now there’s another way to share big-sized files using email: Podmailing. Of course it doesn’t work the usual way (message plus attached file) but more like as a P2P client or maybe I should say P2M client, which is the right way to name this file sharing protocol. The idea is not new (see Pando) but Podmailing has launched to add more choice to the P2M market.

The program is really easy to use. Simply click on the “New” button, select the files or folders you want to share, enter the email addresses and add a message. That’s pretty much everything, although bear in mind that you must leave the program open (and your Internet connection on) in order to send the file.

The addressees of your podmail will receive a message in their inboxes with a link to download the file, which they’ll be able to do very comfortably from their own web browser without the need for any third-party apps. Anyway, there’s also the possibility to download the file via Podmailing or using the BitTorrent protocol (which also works with Podmailing, as this program is also a torrent client).

The main drawback I found is that you have to wait until the file is completely uploaded before starting to download it directly from the browser, so if your friend wants to share a 9GB file you’d better be patient. At least you can always start downloading it right away by using the Podmailing app or any BitTorrent client, which don’t require the file to be finished uploading. Also, uploaded files are saved for 30 days on the Podmailing’s servers.

Podmailing is a new client for the P2M protocol with which you can easily share large-sized files on the Internet. It may not be the fastest method but it’s reliable and above all, very easy to use.

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