Pinnacle Studio HD 15 – Pinnacle Studio HD 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

Pinnacle Studio HD 15
Version: 15
Licence: Free
Author: Avid Technology
Size: 2,3 GB

Pinnacle Studio HD is an all-inclusive video editor that offers all the tools and features you could ever need to create your own movies at home. With just a quick glance at the program and the examples, it is obvious that Pinnacle Studio HD can be used to make everything from really impressive professional projects, or even just homey family vacation videos.

Although the program can seem a little intimidating at first, the company provides an excellent introductory video to get you started, as well as numerous help files and online tutorials. But once you start using the editor, you will find that it is very user-friendly. For example, Pinnacle Studio HD automatically divides your media into separated chapters, and even supports drag and drop functionality for all items. The editing process truly couldn’t be easier.

In order to begin using Pinnacle Studio HD, you just need to drag your media into the timeline, then click on the vertical icons on the left to add sound, text, effects, and transitions. Once that’s done, the different elements you have chosen will be clearly visible on the timeline, which makes further editing down the line that much easier. There is even a preview window that allows you to view your project throughout the entire process.

Once you have completed the editing process of your video, you can use the Make Movie option in the menu to export the file in several different ways. The include onto a disc, into a number of different file formats, or even directly onto the web. From there, you can share your masterpiece with all your friends!

The only downside to Pinnacle Studio HD that users have noted is that it is not that easy to install. Also, as you can imagine, the program is quite resource-heavy, especially for older computers. But with its perfect balance of high functionality and ease of use, it is still a great option for video creation and editing.

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