PhotoWarp – Download PhotoWarp For Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8

Licence: Trial Version
Author: EyeSee360, Inc.
Size: 3.3 MB

PhotoWarp is a very powerful tool for panoramic image processing, specifically designed for people who use the GoPano Plus optic. But even if you do not use this tool, PhotoWarp is incredibly useful, as it supports all the major one-shot optics, as well as many panoramic viewing formats. PhotoWarp is arguably the most versatile unwarping tool that is available on the market today.

PhotoWarp’s tools make it possible to unwarp images with pristine quality, whether you use the 360 One VR optic, or some other third party one-shot camera from companies like BeHere, Egg Solution, Remote Quality, or 0-360. The program’s special calibration makes it possible to delivery very accurate geometric patterns that ensure the photo is free of any distortions that may take place.

Using PhotoWarp is quite simple, even if you need to edit a large quantity of images. All you have to do is drag and drop one or a collection of photo files into the application. No matter how many you drop in, PhotoWarp can process them all at the same time. You just need to click ‘Unwarp,’ and the program will begin the process. Once the unwarping process is complete, you have a whole variety of options for how to share, store, or use your work. PhotoWarp supports a large number of panoramic viewing software options, including QuickTime VR, Java applets like Zoom Viewer and PTViewer, and even the new FlashVR Viewer.

As you can see, PhotoWarp really is an impressive piece of software. It gives you all the tools necessary to make unwarping panoramic pictures a breeze, without bogging it all down with unnecessary additions.

Some of the features of the newest version of PhotoWarp include:

  • Additional one-shot optic source types, including Kaidan 360 One VR, 0-360 Lens, BeHere TotalView, Remote Reality OneShot360, and Egg Solution Egg 360
  • FlashVR output format available, for easier connectivity with your audience
  • Cube face image output format options, to more easily compose multiple shots for a ‘full cubic’ panorama
  • Perspective and spherical projections for thumbnails
  • Auto levels filter available that will adjust the contrast of the image
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