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PDF Split and Merge

Split and merge PDFs

PDF Split and Merge, as the name suggests, makes PDFs possible to work with on a level of joining several documents into one or breaking one into several documents.
The program allows users to extract data, edit data, reorder, and (of course) split or join the PDF data all in one convenient interface. This saves time and effort, as PDFs can be extremely difficult to edit, and really has a lot of options as well. PDF Split and Merge also maintains a lot of user control by providing extensive configuration options, always a handy feature when trying to edit documents.


The software isn’t perfect however, it’s rather poorly designed in terms of where the features appear and how they work. Although the program gets the job done, the interface is a mini nightmare initially. The feeling does pass, and the program is effective, but it would have been much better with a differently designed interface.


PDF Split and Merge is a good software application for any one looking to edit, split, or join different PDF files quickly.



  • Abounding with configuration options
  • Drag and drop functionality supported
  • Speeds up splitting and joining process



  • Confusing interface that takes time to get used to
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