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PDF Converter

PDF editing, creation, and more

PDFs have become an extremely popular file format. From being used for information guides to being signable for contracts, there’s a lot that can be done with the handy file extension. That being said, taking full advantage of all of the controls, let alone being able to edit PDFs, can take extra software help.


That’s where programs like PDF Converter come in.


PDF Converter Professional is a suite of PDF editing and conversion tools. It covers a variety of features, to ensure that practically any type of PDF user can be assisted by it, from needing to edit PDFs, to commenting through them, to stamping and taking notes. The program is decently powerful and feature rich.


Some particular features of PDF Converter that often come in handy include its abilities to batch edit, merge PDFs, and secure PDF files. Users can rest assured that the program does its level best to produce the documents that they need, at a level of security every one can live with.


PDF Converter is a great program for any user looking to do extensive work with PDF files, and to avoid all the headaches that can normally entail.



  • Easy to use
  • Feature rich
  • Help files available
  • Integrates with other programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word



  • ┬áLong installation time
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