Pandaland – Swedish Retro-Style Platform Game – Windows – Free Download


You need to help save the indie kid and his friends in Pandaland, a Swedish retro-style platform game. The dangers lies ahead in this game in the form of frat-style enemies, bar girls, the paparazzi, and many other interesting individuals. Short and sweet, Pandaland only has three stages and a main boss level. But with its bright and old-school graphics teamed up with an excellent musical sound track, the gameplay is quite smooth and very fun. And like most platform games, all the old standards are present: objects to collect, power ups, secret areas, and the annoying inability to swim.


The pace of gameplay in Pandaland is just right, which is something that many games like this seem to have a hard time achieving. The pace is quick however, which is perfect for a short and simple game. You kill your enemies by throwing fruit – of all things – at them, and your ammunition is unlimited. The actual gameplay is not very difficult and the keyboard shortcuts are excellent, so no one should have any trouble making it through the entire game.


But when you do finish and beat the final boss, you have the option to open hard mode, a new character to play with, and numerous areas that are slightly different with enemies that are a lot faster and more difficult. This addition definitely gives Pandaland a little more longevity than it otherwise would have.


A quick romp, Pandaland is kind of like Mario for the indie kids. It is well polished and fun, even if it is quite short. Try it today and see what the fuss is about.

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