Orange Runner

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Orange Runner is a surprisingly addictive casual game. Players only goal is to try to get the stickman character to run as far as he possibly can. There are obstacles that will get in Orange Runner’s way, like saws that threaten to end his run immediately if he does not properly avoid them, and battery power ups that can help him run faster.

Players are primarily pitted against themselves in this game, attempting to get the highest score possible. While it is short, and simple, it is amusing and surprisingly addictive to see just how far that little man can run.

Orange Runner is part of a growing trend towards casual gaming. The aim of casual gaming, at its core, is to allow people to play whether they have ten minutes or two. It’s a quick way to have some fun, without losing an entire afternoon.

The graphics on Orange Runner are understandably simple, an orange background, a white character, and a white trail he leaves to mark how far and how fast he has run. It is entertaining, and it is free to play online. Simply Google Orange Runner, and players will find a host of sites willing to let them enjoy trying to power Orange Runner up.

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