Opera 19.0.1326.56 – Download Opera browser For Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8

Version: 19.0.1326.59
Licence: Free
Author: Opera Software
Size: 33,9 MB

Opera is a fast, stable, and secure web browser with an easy to use, minimalist layout and highly efficient functions.  It recently switched over to Chromium, the same open-source browser project used by Google Chrome, which is constantly being innovated and improved to provide the best possible Internet browsing experience.

High-speed and high-quality browsing

Based on all of the browsing functions that Opera provides, it is probably safe to say that its top priority is on creating a comfortable and effective browsing experience.  Its layout is very subdued and straightforward, but this proves to be an advantage for the user as it allows for simple and fast navigation.

Opera includes an intuitive search function that is able to search through multiple providers (like Google, Bing, and Yahoo) simultaneously and show you search suggestions as you type.  The Speed Dial function allows you to quickly access your most frequently viewed websites through its search technology and also by adding them to your customized start page for direct access.

The Discover feature is a great way to find all kinds of new content on the Internet, giving you access to news and entertainment from all over the globe.  If you come across something in your search that you would rather come back to later, you can save the page using the browser’s Stash function.  This lets you capture pages and organize them into simple, neatly organized lists.

In addition, Opera has come in first place in multiple browser speed tests.  The newest version includes the Off-Road option to speed up your browsing even more.  If your Internet connection begins to slow down, this mode can be implemented to compress pages and make your browser work faster.

If you are looking for web browser that is secure, no-nonsense, and efficient, you have found it.  Opera combines modern and simple style with powerful features for you to truly be able to explore the entire web.

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