OpenWhatsapp Z10 0.9.8 – OpenWhatsapp 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

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Version: Z10 0.9.8
Licence: Free
Author: OpenWhatsapp
Size: 4,0 MB

OpenWhatsapp was created in response to the fact that Whatsapp no longer gives support to certain mobile phone operating systems. Thanks to the developer’s effort, this application has positioned itself as a reliable open-source alternative to the widely used instant messaging app, Whatsapp, so no one gets left out in the cold.

Making use of the Whatsapp service, this free app is meant to be used on mobile devices to allow you to communicate with any of your Whatsapp contacts. Just like the official app, you can chat, create conversation groups, and share images, music, videos, contacts, and even locations. What really makes OpenWhatsapp stand out from its competitors is the fact that it combine’s Whatsapp’s basic functionalities with a whole list of new ones.

Once you install OpenWhatsapp, you will be able to use the all-new invisibility tool. This allows you to be invisible online, so although you can still send and receive messages, your contacts can’t see you online. Another new feature with OpenWhatsapp is that your friends’ profile picture albums now show not only their current profile photo, but also all their previous ones. The group conversation option have also been widened. Apart from creating and joining them, you can update the subject as well as the picture. It uses a ‘traffic light’ code style that represents the connection status of the contacts as well. Green means online, yellow means the user is trying to connect, and red is offline.

Some of the unique features offered by OpenWhatsapp:

  • Non-intrusive user interface
  • Support for both portrait and landscape modes
  • Integration with both phone and Whatsapp contacts
  • More group chat possibilities than ever
  • OpenWhatsapp updates contact names, statuses, and profile pictures
  • Ability to send multimedia content externally from another app
  • Invisibility options
  • Traffic light style for connection status: green, red, and yellow
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