OMG Total Antivirus 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

OMG Total Antivirus

In an age where malicious software is never more than a click away, people are always looking for the next step in antivirus software. A good antivirus program can protect users and allow them to securely browse, whereas a bad one will let malicious software right on through.


Malicious software can have untold damaging effects on a computer, anything from creating more pop ups to destroying files or crashing the hard drive altogether. People often panic at this point, but a good antivirus program can combat existing viruses and fix a lot of these problems.


OMG Total Antivirus offers users a safe and secure way to go on about their day without having to fear malicious software. The program is capable of detecting and removing malicious software, and well as protecting computers from future threats through immunization like functionality.


OMG Total Antivirus is a great tool for any one looking to keep their computer safe from malicious software, and should definitely be considered a serious contender in the market.

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