MusicBee – Great Music Player – Windows – Free Download


A large number of people use the cultural default music player iTunes, but there are a number of decent alternatives out there. One really great alternative that is worth checking out is MusicBee, a really nice music manager and player with some additional features to boot.


MusicBee is a complete music manager and player that is compatible with all the popular audio formats. It offers a user-friendly multi-panel interface that is actually quite similar to iTunes. From there, you can see all the important information about your music library, including the current playlist, the contents of your collection, a small section that displays the song details, artwork and lyrics, and even a search tool that lets you quickly find a specific song or artist that you are looking for.


There are also some additional tools that are available with MusicBee outside of the normal listening and organizing your music collection. There is a CD ripper as well as a file converter, along with easy-find tags, and additional options to search out specific cover art or song lyrics. The only downside, however, is that the file converter requires you to download the Lame encoder separately.


MusicBee stands out from the crowd for a number of reasons. You can import all of your music from any Windows folder, your Windows Media Player library, or even from other music managers like iTunes. There are a few visualization effects that can be easily customized with keyboard hotkeys, and there is even a neat little AutoDJ tool that can create a playlist for you in a second. One of the most useful tools, however, is that you can sync up your music and play it on your iPod and all the other MP3 players that are on the market today.


So what are you waiting for? Try out MusicBee, a really great alternative music manager and player with all the tools that you need to fully enjoy your music.

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