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Most music lovers will agree there is nothing better than having access to your very own, well-organized music library. It is just so satisfying to have a hoard of music that is filed under all the tags and specifications that you want, for easy searching of songs and albums. Not only does this make it easier to find what you want, but it also just looks better. The problem, however is that the time it takes to constantly update and make sure your audio files are tagged correctly is enormous and never ending. But the good news is that there are programs out there that will do a lot of the work for you.


mp3Tag is one of those programs, boasting as having a higher functionality than others of the same genre. This is because it allows you to edit the metadata (the information about the track’s name, size, album name, artwork, etc) with a high degree of customization options. You can rename your files based on this tag information, replace characters or even whole words, import and export tag info, and even create playlists.


The interface of mp3Tag is very clean and easy to use. And as an added bonus, the program’s actual size is much smaller than its competitors, which makes it very quick and responsive when getting things done. mp3Tag supports pretty much every major audio file type, which makes it all that much easier to organize your music. These formats even include OGG, Musepack, and AAC/MP4 in addition to the usual MP3s.


But despite its name, mp3Tag isn’t just a tagger., as it also includes tools for cutting and joining. But perhaps the best part of mp3Tag is the inclusion of a link-up with the online FreeDB database that lets you import tags, which ensures that you will never have an untitled album or song ever again.


It is pretty accurate to say that mp3Tag is one of the top players in its field, especially considering it’s a freeware app. So if you need to clean up your music collection, mp3Tag is well worth a download.

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