Mozilla Firefox 27.0 – Free Web Browser for Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8

Version: 27.0
Licence: Free
Author: Mozilla
Size: 22,0 MB

In the ongoing web browser war, Firefox is a strong contender, and Mozilla improves its browser’s features every day to keep making it even better.  Launched in 2004, it was the first web navigator to challenge Microsoft’s Internet Explorer’s dominance, and continues to rank among the top three browsers in the global market.  If you are looking for a free browser that is stable, powerful and versatile, Firefox has many advantages over the alternatives, and with every new version that appears, we discover even more useful features and possibilities.

Changes in the interface

There have been many modifications to the Firefox interface in recent versions of the program in an attempt to make the browsing experience more efficient and simple.  Among them, it is worth highlighting the introduction of a single menu button located in the top left corner, which contains all of the browsing controls and also maximizes the viewing area.  Furthermore, the tabs are now on the top of the address bar, a new bookmark button has been added to make access much easier, and a new start button has also been included.

Commitment to simplicity

Firefox continues to simply its interface, and in recent upgrades you will notice that the forward navigation button remains hidden until the back button has been used.  There is just one URL box that is also capable of performing Google searches, and the Awesome Bar feature that auto-predicts searches and displays search history.  It is clear that Mozilla’s browser is still committed to simplicity and practicality.

Main improvements

  • As well as enhancements to the interface, Firefox has also improved its efficiency in other aspects.
  • Improved rendering and JavaScript engine.
  • Optimized speed when loading websites and reduced the amount of memory used.
  • Increased security and privacy, and added new protection functions such as an option to make sure that sites don’t register your activity and a contents security policy that avoids script attacks.
  • Added more customization options for the user.

Firefox has many features that make it one of the best browsers currently available on the market.  Download Mozilla Firefox to test out this free, high-quality web browser.

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