Morpheus Photo Warper 3.00 – Morpheus Photo Warper 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

Morpheus Photo Warper
Version: 3.00
Licence: Free
Author: Morpheussoftware
Size: 3,8 MB

Warping and distorting your photos can be fun, especially as an alternative to basic editing options. It really allows you to show your original and creative side. Morpheus Photo Warper makes this kind of fun editing a possibility to pretty much anyone with a computer, by giving you all the necessary tools to change the size and shape of the pictures you take.


Beginners will not have a problem using Morpheus Photo Warper, since it comes with a very useful wizard to get you started on your first project. Besides the main interface in which your chosen picture is shown, the program also has a display of side notes that tells you what actions you can take on the photo. This display is in a separate window, so it is easy to move things around to find the best visual configuration for your needs. This list of actions tells you what tools you have available to use, what order they should be used in, and what exactly each of them does.


Users have said that uploading pictures to Morpheus Photo Warper is incredibly easy to accomplish, as well as placing the editing dots, and then seeing the final result. There is even a separate preview window, so you can see the changes you make in real time before you save your masterpiece.


Once you are happy with the warping you have done to your photo, Morpheus Photo Warper gives you a number of options to save your creation. These include saving them in formats like JPEG, TIF, QT, or even Flash. The only downside to this program is that although you can send your completed project through email via the Morpheus program, there are not a plethora of other sharing capabilities. Although this is not a big deal, there could be so many more options to share your creations with your friends via many social media outlets.


Despite these downsides, Morpheus Photo Warper is a fun and simple tool that lets you play around with your photos in a quick and efficient way.

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