ModernBack changer 2.8 – Background images for Windows 8 – Windows – English

ModernBack changer
Version: 2.8
Licence: Free
Author: Pasqui industry
Size: 3.2 MB

ModernBack changer is a lightweight application that was created specifically for the Windows 8 operating system, and it allows users to change the background image that is used in the Metro Start screen. It is also important to mention that this program is portable, which means that does not leave any traces in the Windows Registry. ModernBack changer is flexible and easy to use, and is perfect for anyone who wants to change how their operating system looks, or even to add their very own custom image.

What is extra great about ModernBack changer is that because it is portable, you can easily copy it onto a USB flash drive or any other device, and take it with you to use whenever you want to customize a Windows 8 operating system start screen. The program offers a number of different options for changes the background and accent colors. Do you want to insert your own personal image? That is not a problem with ModernBack changer! The only pre-requisite is that the file format must be one of the following: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, TIF, DIB, and PBM.

But what if you do not like the changes you have made? It is easy to undo whatever you just did with one-click editing. And since ModernBack changer does not require any intensive programming or computer knowledge, even the most novice of users can get a hang of it in no time at all. As can be expected from any small utility, ModernBack changer does not take up much in the way of system resources, so it does not hinder your computer’s performance in any way while you use it.

Overall, ModernBack changer is a great little tool if you are bored with the background of the Metro Start screen. Try it out today and start enjoying a more varied-looking operating system.

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