Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express – Windows – Free Download

Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express

Ever had an idea for a program? What about a game? Think you have the next idea that should be included on every PC? Chances are then that you’ve come across the path of Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express, or a program like it.

Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express allows users to create and code applications. It supports the coding process with code coloring (to keep code clean and organized), debugging (using its syntax checker), and a handy autocorrect feature that can help avoid easy to make and popular coding errors. These tools are designed to simplify the coding process, and to help developers analyze their existing code quickly and thoroughly.

Coding does not have to be done completely from scratch however. Users can, and should, take full advantage of the IntelliSense feature that hosts hundreds of helpful code snippets to get the application started, if not finished. This greatly reduces the need to learn to code personally, and enables a lot of great ideas to be created without a lot of coding headache.

Once the program is coded, whether from scratch or with the help of IntelliSense, users need only drag and drop it onto the application button and it will create the application.

One of the best things about this tool from Microsoft? No matter how popular it is, or how long it’s been since its invention, the program has been (and remains) free! With a price tag like that, and the functionality that it offers, it’s hard to picture wanting to use a different program in application coding.

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