Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

Microsoft has been the big name in office software for several years now, and PowerPoint has been a huge part of that popularity. The software develops beautiful presentations with ease and flair that have made it almost essential in any type of presentation environment. The problem with PowerPoint? The price tag. Microsoft Office tools have seldom come cheap, and Microsoft has felt the hit as freeware companies have scrambled to combat their market share. In response to this, Microsoft itself has released some freeware programs of its own that will allow users to view Microsoft developed files, and Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is one such program.

The primary advantage of using Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is that because it was developed by Microsoft, it supports all the standard file types. This is huge because several freeware programs cannot boast the same. Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer can handle any PowerPoint presentation developed after 97.

In terms of functionality, it allows for previewing of a presentation to see what one’s audience will see. This may seem simple, but it is hugely useful, particularly if editing a presentation between different computers has provided lack of confidence in how the versions have combined.

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer has been hugely well received and appreciated. It has some users sticking with Microsoft where in the past they may have turned to OpenOffice, or other freeware editors. These other programs have merit too, but Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer certainly provides a convenient way of easily viewing ANY file format developed in 97 or later.


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