Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 – Get a great presentation tool. For Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8

Version: 2010
Licence: Trial Version
Author: Microsoft
Size: 326,9 MB

Microsoft PowerPoint is without a doubt the most famous program for creating professional multimedia presentations.  Part of the Microsoft Office suite, it allows you to create all sorts of digital presentations to easily display your data, projects and ideas.

How PowerPoint works

PowerPoint includes a wide range of tools to create slides that make up your presentation.  After opening the program, you can choose to start from scratch on a blank page or use one of the provided templates.

Then, add elements to each slide: images, photos, videos (with advanced editing options), statistical tables, text, music, etc.  The program includes new transitions, animations, and effects to help make your presentation more dynamic.


The 2010 version of Microsoft PowerPoint includes plenty of fun and helpful features, such as new themes and panoramic variations with alternative color schemes, a renovated home screen, and new tools for combining shapes.  The software also provides text alignment guides to ensure perfection on each of your slides.  It lets you alternate between slides, even out of sequence, and apply zoom to slides to capture your audience’s attention.  You can even compress the final draft of your presentation to reduce its size, making it more portable and easier to share.

Work collaboratively in the Microsoft cloud

One aspect that is enhanced in the new Microsoft PowerPoint is the group work function.  Collaboration tools have been improved, and it does not even require that all participants have the program because the presentation can be viewed from any web browser.

Everyone involved in the presentation can view and take part in its development in real-time by conversing through comments written next to each slide that can be exchanged with other participants.  Presentations are automatically saved to SkyDrive or SharePoint, the space on Microsoft cloud, which makes sending links, accessing permissions, and editing very easy.

If you need to create a striking presentation to captivate your viewers, then you absolutely must download Microsoft PowerPoint now.  This free software will give you all of the tools necessary to generate unique and enthralling professional-style presentations.

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