Mext – Awesome Text Editor – Windows


Mext can be used as a basic text editor, but its functionality goes way beyond this, if you are looking for something more. It was originally designed to help you in creating CHM files, HTML pages with CSS content, or even resource files that you could then integrate into whatever project you were working on. Because this was the main functionality focused on, Mext is really great at drawing up documents where strict conformity of data blocks – like text, images, and tables – with certain styles is necessary.

In order to begin a new project you first must create a new document page. This is where you can begin writing text, insert images and links, create tables or lists, and even format the text to a specific style that you may want. Mext then gives you the option to customize a number of different areas to your liking. Once you are done you can export the entire project as HTML, CHM, or plain text files, or be saved to your computer for later use.

Mext also offers additional multi-editor options for data editing, which is a great technology that adds a good deal of easy to use functions to the text editor. So although anyone who just needs a basic text editor will definitely be pleased with Mext, it is especially useful for people who write computer programs, FAQ writers, and general website creators.

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