MediaCoder iPhone iPod Touch Edition – MediaCoder iPhone iPod Touch Edition 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

MediaCoder iPhone iPod Touch Edition
Licence: Free
Author: Mediacoder
Size: 30.4 MB

Transcode videos to watch them on your iPhone or iPad Touch

MediaCoder iPhone iPod Touch Edition is a software program that allows users to convert audio and video files to formats that are compatible with the iPod or iPhone, so they can take their entertainment everywhere.


This version in particular is an improvement on the original MediaCoder, adapted with additional features and resources to allow even easier work for those who use it.
In terms of the features of the program itself, MediaCoder iPhone iPod Touch Edition, allows the initial conversion, and supports the file formats required for the mobile devices listed in its name.


That being said, MediaCoder iPhone iPod Touch Edition does have an unnecessarily confusing interface, that could present a challenge for some users. Unfortunately, trying to configure the program isn’t any easier, and this may require some time to get used to properly working with the program.


Once the program interface is overcome however, this is a handy little bit of mobile conversion software that should be considered recommended – so long as there is the adequate time provided to understand it.



  • Fast
  • Offers preview feature
  • Supports diversity of file formats, including those for iPod and iPhone



  • Initially overwhelming, comes with a learning curve
  • Needlessly complicated configuration process
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