McAfee VirusScan Plus AOL Edition for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10) – Free Download

McAfee VirusScan Plus AOL Edition
Licence: Free
Author: McAfee
Size: 8,5 MB

The power of VirusScan for AOL members

McAfee has long been a popular anti virus tool for computer users everywhere. McAfee VirusScan Plus AOL Edition is a specially formatted form of anti-viral protection formulated for paying AOL users.


In terms of how the program is used, McAfee VirusScan Plus AOL Edition could not be much easier, working primarily off of the scanning system. Once a scan is initiated, it will compile a detailed report about any potential threat levels and viruses and offers a quarantine feature if anything is found virus-wise.


On top of virus protection, McAfee VirusScan Plus AOL Edition also optimizes the host’s computer, and offers features like parental controls to ensure that parents can keep their children safe without too much effort.


The main issue with this software is the lengthy and frustrating installation process, and the lack of configuration options to do anything about the length of program scans and so on.


McAfee VirusScan Plus AOL Edition is a great anti viral protection bit of software.



  • Easy to use
  • Extra features
  • Free checkups for the computer



  • Lack of configuration options
  • Lengthy installation
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