Mail Bomber 11.4 – Download Mail Bomber For Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8

Version: 11.4
Licence: Trial Version
Author: Softheap
Size: 1,3 MB

Mail Bomber is a user-friendly application that helps you easily send mass emails, as well as automatic email send-offs. Perfect for both novice and advanced users, the setup wizard makes installation a breeze.

One the application is on your computer, there’s only a few basic steps before you can start sending your mass emails. The first step is to write the email and customize the content, thanks to templates that Mail Bomber offers. You then add in the list of email recipients, and that’s it! If those names are included in the content of the message however, Mail Bomber is able to add in the email addresses and send it off automatically.

Several mailing lists can be created and maintained with Mail Bomber, and there are many functional tools that allow it to be very flexible and adapt to your needs. For these reasons, Mail Bomber is an obvious choice for all your mass email needs.

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