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Licence: Free
Author: Naver
Size: 16,7 MB

Imagine being able to make phone calls from your PC to iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices, without having to use a phone service provider.  That’s exactly what Line does, with a slick interface that’s sure to prove popular among PC users with friends and family using different mobile devices.

An app born out of disaster, now used for fun

Line is an app created by Japanese developers in the wake of the 2011 earthquake to allow people to make free calls and send free messages, without having to rely on their phone service provider.  The application can make calls to and from iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry phones, as well as desktop computers.  Line is also available for Mac, meaning PC users can communicate with friends and family regardless of which brand of computer they use.  However, Line does not yet feature video calling, although you can send short video and audio messages.

Call quality with Line is pretty good, although this will depend largely on your Internet connection and 3G networks.  Line is also jam-packed with emoticons (and the option to purchase more elaborate “stickers”) to make messaging more fun.  This feature is particularly popular in Japan and has helped make it one of the most successful apps on the market.

An extension of the mobile app now on PC

In the first 7 months of its release in Japan, the developers claim that Line gained over 100 million users, which is pretty impressive.  Until now, many iPhone and Android users have resorted to using WhatsApp to keep in touch with friends and family.  Unlike Line, however, WhatsApp has never been released for PC or Mac.  With this application, users do not even have to pick up their smartphone while at work or home in front of the computer; they can quickly and easily send messages to other computers and smartphones directly from their desktop.

Installation is free and easy

Installing Line can be done in just a few simple steps.  First, you must have already downloaded the app onto your Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows smartphone; then you can install the program to your desktop.  Once installed, open the application and access the Settings tab.  Click on Email Registration, and enter the same email account that your smartphone is registered with.  After completing this process you can begin to use Line from your desktop to send videos, text messages, and audio to your friends and family.

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