Lightning for Thunderbird – 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)


Add a complete calendar to Thunderbird

Lightning is an organizational calendar that has been gaining popularity in leaps and bounds because of its integration with Thunderbird.


The program provides an easy to use calendar that can be used to set up to do lists, reminders, provide alerts, and even link to other calendars. There are a lot of in depth ways to customize the calendar, from scheduling in unique ways to the level of appointment detail the program allows users to provide.


It’s also easy to use because of its familiarity, both a blessing and a curse. On the positive side, it’s entirely similar to Mozilla’s Sunbird, Microsoft’s Outlook, and Google Calendar, but on the negative side…well, it’s entirely similar to these programs. Lightning is the most advanced version no doubt, but many users already working with these programs may find the inconvenience of having to switch all of their existing information over just simply not worth the hassle.


Lightning is a great program, but it really doesn’t add too many new features, and is a bit too familiar for some peoples’ tastes.



  • Easy to work with
  • Integrates well with Thunderbird



  • Exceedingly familiar, perhaps too much so
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