LEGO Digital Designer – 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

LEGO Digital Designer

Be reminded of times of youth with these virtual LEGO bricks

LEGO is an extremely popular toy choice for children and parents alike. As people age, although they may not play with LEGO daily, they often find themselves missing the ease and fun of passing an afternoon designing a LEGO building.

LEGO Digital Designer, as the name suggests, allows people to reconnect with that inner child and their love of LEGO, digitally. This means users can freely create LEGO projects, but it also means that they can do the reverse – breaking apart 3D figures that are already in the game to give more pieces or more understanding for how to implement designs.

With all of this control, users do have to be careful that they are being precise or the game will get rather frustrating, but this still works quite well. Pieces are taken from the floating menu, organized by user design, and unlike during times of childhood, the pieces are unlimited here!

In terms of the quality of the program, LEGO Digital Designer works really well, allowing great 3D rendering, and all the expected functionality that comes with it (zooming, moving around, changing view).

LEGO Digital Designer is a great game for any one looking to reconnect with their childhood love of LEGO.


  • Built in models included
  • Diversity of pieces and unlimited pieces to design with
  • High quality rendering of 3D models


  • Requires user to be accurate in where he/she clicks
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