Kingsoft Antivirus 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Kingsoft Antivirus

Lightweight anti-virus tool with extra system cleaning tools

Antivirus software is a part of good computing habits. Most self respecting technology users are aware of the dangers that malicious software poses, and work to adequately protect their computers. There are several software applications that seek to help with this process, and Kingsoft Antivirus is one of them.


Kingsoft Antivirus is a great program for anti-viral protection. It scans the computer, detecting malware and quickly removes it. On top of the anti-viral functionality however, Kingsoft Antivirus also can be customized to protect IM chat files, downloaded files, and USB flash drives, cleans up unnecessary files, and automatically updates itself to not only remove current threats, but to protect from future ones.


The program is extremely easy to use, with a navigation bar that basically lays out its features from the start, and is compatible with other anti-viral protection software, making it a pretty decent option in the antivirus game.


Kingsoft Antivirus works well at system protection from malicious software, and should be considered a significant option for any one working to protect their PC.



  • Automatically updates itself
  • Compatible with other antivirus software
  • Light on computer resources
  • Provides tools for a number of different functions
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