KbdKaz 500 – Multilanguage Keyboard Layout – Windows – Free Download

KbdKaz 500

Multilanguage keyboard layout compatible with US layout labels

Multilingual people frequently experience a frustration with technology, having to choose what language they communicate in via their keyboard. It’s not that communication is impossible in other languages, but it’s a lot more difficult when one can’t even accent letters correctly, or find representation for different symbols needed. This is where software like KbdKaz 500 comes in.


KbdKaz 500 is a software application that makes any keyboard compatible with 500 different keystrokes that it otherwise wouldn’t be. This makes it easier to communicate in a variety of languages, as it offers a few different layout options and is easy to work with.


One thing to be aware of is that KbdKaz 500 is not a standalone program, merely a set of 500 additional characters that the software makes available. The installer merely adds the .dll file to Window’s default keyboard layout information to work.


All in all, KbdKaz 500 makes multilingual communication significantly easier, even if it isn’t a standalone program.

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