Kaspersky PURE UK 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Kaspersky PURE UK

An all-round antivirus for discerning users

Kaspersky is a household name in anti-viral protection for computers. It has become known for its ability to outwit viruses and detect even the most minor of malware. Continuing in that trend and fully living up to the Kaspersky name, Kaspersky PURE is a one stop anti-virus shop for computer users.


The program has several ways in which it aims to protect the user, best explained by looking at the breakdown of the program itself. The interface displays its seven functions, from antiviral protection to system efficiency checks, data encryption and backups, password managers and parental controls, the program really does aim to provide all of its users needs in a single program.


Despite its vast amount of features, it’s actually still a relatively easy to use tool – giving just another bonus to the Kaspersky name. All the features are well laid out, explained, and often accompanied by a step by step level of direction option for people who are new to the PC protection game.


The one downside to the program is that all of this functionality comes at a cost, and that cost in this case is computer resources. The program is best run overnight or while the PC is not in use, because the scans are lengthy and demanding of a computer’s resources. That being said, it’s heavy on the resources because it’s actually effective, so this doesn’t need to be a deterrent – merely something users should be aware of.


Kaspersky Pure is yet another brilliant set of tools provided by Kaspersky, the program does not fail to live up to the reputable household name in PC protection.

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