JuceVLC 0.88 – JuceVLC 100% free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

Version: 0.88
Licence: Free
Author: JuceVLC
Size: 22,2 MB

Have you ever wanted to just sit back and relax away from your computer, but still use the internet to browse files, watch movies, or play games? With JuceVLC that is now possible. JuceVLC is a VLC with a full screen user interface (reminiscent of MediaCenter), meant to be used with a wireless mouse.


Because you are meant to sit far away, JuceVLC offers big fonts and no system popup dialogs. This makes for a more enjoyable file browsing experience. This program also offers a number of settings customization options, so you can figure out what works best for you. You even have the ability to change the skin color of the main menu screen, to suit your every mood.


The developers of JuceVLC understand that many people really enjoy watching foreign films, but that many times it is difficult to find decent subtitles. Because of this, JuceVLC is hooked up to opensubtitles.org for easy access to a myriad of foreign language options. With this website you can quickly search, download, extract, and load subtitles for almost any movie available today. Once they are loaded, JuceVLC’s sliding synchronizer makes it easy to line up the subtitles with the action of the movie. Because what’s worse than misaligned subtitles?


Some of the unique features of JuceVLC include:


  • Option to browse locally or remotely
  • The front page movie menu automatically downloads movie posters and generates thumbnails
  • Big, customizable font size with no tiny popup dialog boxes
  • Multiple subtitle selections with an automatic synchronizer
  • Easily search, download, extract, and load subtitles with opensubtitles.org
  • Ability to keep a favorite videos list for future use
  • Settings are stored in the application folder, so your computer’s operating system does not get messed up
  • Usable on any portable USB stick or other device
  • You can use the installer as many times as needed to put the program on all your devices
  • Because it uses regular VLC core libraries and plug-ins, it is easy to update and add on later versions of JuceVLC
  • Front page color theme is customizable
  • Spacebar is the hotkey for play/pause, if needed
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