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John’s Image Converter

Converting the format and resizing are probably the two most common tasks that people do with their pictures, so it is incredibly important to have a program that does the job well. John’s Image Converter is one such program that really gets the job done well. This is because it allows you to convert and resize both single pictures, or a whole image directly. John’s Image Converter also gives you multiple options for resizing: you have the ability to resize a picture either in pixels or by percentage. Additionally, John’s Image Converter realizes that the original image is important, so it makes sure it is never overwritten.


Using John’s Image Converter is quite simple and straightforward. There is a tabbed interface in which each tab is dedicated to one of the program’s different functions. These include converting and resizing capabilities for a single picture, the same for complete folders, and an additional feature of collage creation. The first two conversion tool are very easy to pick up and well thought out. Many users, however, were disappointed with the collage tool. It does offer some interesting options, but the ultimate result was always not that great.


But in reality, the reason you would use John’s Image Converter is not to make collages, but to resize and convert your images quickly and easily. And with those tasks, John’s Image Converter is excellent at doing. Everyone needs to do those two tasks at some time or another, why not use a quality program so you do not end up wanting to pull your hair out? Check out John’s Image Converter today and be impressed.

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