Hulu Desktop – Hulu Desktop 100% free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

Hulu Desktop
Licence: Trial version
Author: Hulu
Size: 863 KB

Hulu Desktop is an application that lets you watch all kinds of TV shows, videos, and movies directly from your desktop without ever having to open a web browser. With its incredibly simple user interface, even absolute beginners shouldn’t have problems finding and watching their favorite TV shows and movies.


When you first open Hulu Desktop, you will be shown a preview of an available show. You can either choose to watch it, or click on one of the menu buttons to begin your own search. If you already have an online Hulu profile, you also have the capability to log into it and load onto your computer any information that you have saved online. This is excellent news for Hulu fans, as you don’t have to start all the way over with your movie and TV viewing preferences. With just a couple clicks, all your previously saved information will be available to you.


If you are ever not sure what you want to watch, don’t worry. Hulu has an amazing array of show and movie options for you to browse through. And for easy searching, it is simple to sort the inventory by name, date, popularity, or even the channels or networks that TV shows are played on. Once you find something you want to watch, you just just need to press the ‘Start Watching’ button, and you’re off! Do you need to close out the program and come back later? Don’t worry, Hulu Desktop saves where you’re at in the movie and begins it at that point the next time it boots up.


With its star rating program, it’s easy to see what shows and movies are popular with Hulu Desktop users. This also helps the search process, since you can look for videos with only a certain star rating. The only drawback to Hulu Desktop is that it can only be used while you are connected to the internet. This is because it is a video streaming app, which requires a constant download speed to function. But if you have access to steady internet, you won’t have a problem with this.

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