Hacker Evolution: Reinsertion 1.00.95 – Download Hacker Evolution For Windows Xp, Vista, 7, 8

Hacker Evolution- Reinsertion
Version: 1.00.95
Licence: Trial Version
Author: Exosyphen Studios
Size: 32.7MB

Hacker Evolution puts you in the place of a former intelligence agent turned digital vigilante – Brian Spencer – who is creeping around computer systems while trying not to get caught. The premise of the game is that all of the world’s critical services are crashing since the advent of the ‘evolution’ of the web, but know one knows what or who is causing this crisis. As an experienced and dedicated hacker, only your character can figure out the mystery and bring it all down.

And now with this newest expansion of Hacker Evolution, the adventure continues with brand new levels which will push your limits as an experience hacker. This expansion continues where the first game left off and allows the character of Brian Spencer to wrap up some unfinished business. Not only are there brand new missions, but new graphics as well, which will please the returners to the game. Although the game play is still the same as the original, it does not make a difference, as it is still a fun adventure.

The main goal of Hacker Evolution is offer a game that truly challenges the player’s intelligence, attention span, and focus abilities. It really does achieve this by creating a captivating mind game that encompasses multiple puzzles to solve, pieces of code to examine, and odds and ends that need to be strung together in order to win the game.

Hacker Evolution: Reinsertion really is a must-have for fans of the original game. But even if you are new to it, it is definitely worth a try. If you like puzzles and mind games, and especially if you fantasize about being an infamous hacker, you will really love Hacker Evolution: Reinsertion.

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