Geek Launcher 1.0 beta 3 – Windows – English

Geek Launcher
Version: 1.0 beta 3
Licence: Free
Author: Demontpx
Size: 118 KB

Now it is easier than ever to launch an application with Geek Launcher, which allows you to start up any of your applications with just a few keystrokes. This is especially helpful for people who have been using their computer for quite a while, because eventually the Start menu starts getting very full and cluttered. Soon enough, it becomes almost impossible to find anything that you want. This is particularly true for people who regularly install and uninstall multiple programs.

With Geek Launcher, you no longer need to browse through all the categories and sub categories in your Start menu in order to find what you want. All you have to do is simply press the first few letters of the name of the program that you are looking for, and Geek Launcher will find it for you in no time at all. This is, of course, provided that you had previously entered it into Geek Launcher´s list of programs to keep track of.

To add a new application to Geek Launcher´s list, you just need to right click anywhere on the interface, then fill in all the necessary information, like the program´s path, icon, name, and so on. Or you could also just drag and drop the executable file into Geek Launcher´s interface window. Either way works equally as well, so you get to choose what you like best. When not in use, Geek Launcher is minimized into the taskbar, and will remain there without disrupting any of your other work until you open it with a previously set shortcut. Windows Q is the default shortcut, but you are also able to customize it to fit your personal preferences.

Some users have noted, however, that they miss the direct shortcuts to the folders that are separate from the software tools and standalone files. But overall, Geek Launcher is definitely a very useful application for everyone who has a large amount of programs in their Start menu. So if you want to access whatever you need quicker and easier than ever before, definitely check out this application.

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