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If you commonly use PDF files for work or for fun, then you have probably come across at least one that had restrictions on it.  These PDF files have passwords that prohibit you from copying, printing, accessing, or opening any of their content.  Luckily, Free PDF Unlocker has the solution for dealing with these tricky types of PDF documents.  As you have probably already guessed from its name, this program is capable of unlocking all of the previously mentioned restrictions, giving you total access to these files.

Get unrestricted access to every PDF file you come across

When you come across PDF files with restrictions, it is because the author or publisher has put some kind of password on them.  Free PDF Unlocker works by removing these passwords.  There are two kinds of restrictive passwords: the first is used to restrict some basic functions, such as copying and printing the document.  The second type of password is to prevent you from accessing or opening the file.  In order for the program to work, you must first decide which type of password is set on the PDF file you are using.  To remove the first type of password, simply drag the PDF file onto the Free PDF Unlocker icon on your desktop.  The program will automatically remove the restrictions and you will be given access in that very instant.

If you need to remove the second kind of password, right click on the document and select the “Remove PDF Password” option, and then close the document.  You should then be able to open the PDF file again and have access without any other restrictions.  In both of these cases, Free PDF Unlocker works quickly to give you access almost immediately.

In order to get around all of the possible restrictions you may find within PDF files, you must have Free PDF Unlocker.  This free, fast, and easy to use application is a great option for getting the access you need to these types of documents.

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