FoxGLove – Firefox Portable – Windows- Free Download


A special version of Firefox Portable, FoxGLove was created by a Firefox user that really loved all Google apps. FoxGLove offers an array of interesting features, most of them being focused on using Firefox as a standalone word processor, thanks to the help of a number of online tools that were originally developed by Google. FoxGLove is also unique in the sense that it is completely portable and able to run off of just a USB device.


FoxGLove features a triple homepage, including Gmail, Google Reader, and Google Docs. It also gives you direct access to numerous other Google apps like Google Talk, Google Calendar, and Google Notebook. There are a dozen additional extensions for your use as well, most of them aimed at improving the performance of the features of the already mentioned Google apps, as well as enhancing your own productivity while on the internet. The most exciting feature of FoxGLove, however, is that it offers Google Gears. This is an app that allows you to keep working on certain websites even if you are offline. Once you go back online, you can sync your work and keep moving forward.


The design of FoxGLove is familiar and attractive, as it has a Google Chrome feel to it. The browser actually uses the Chromifox theme, which gives it a clear and elegant appearance that makes it incredibly easy and comfortable to use. Although it is a bit over the top if you are not already a fan of Google, FoxGLove is impressive. And if you do like Google, you will find this program to be a perfectly customized tool that makes it easier than ever to get your work done, offline or on.

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