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Add world clocks to Firefox

FoxClocks is a Firefox extension program that allows people to keep track of multiple time zones simultaneously.


There are lots of reasons that people find themselves wanting to keep track of different time zones. From world travellers to international business meetings and long distance relationships, people often have need of knowing what time it is in more than just their current location.


FoxClocks makes this possible by adding the user’s selected time zones onto the Firefox toolbar for easy tracking. In fact, its tracking features are so effective that it enables users to customize the display of those time zones, in terms of both color and display (such as the time format).


FoxClock can also be set up to automatically update (even if the PC isn’t set to do so already), so that the time is always accurate. The extension is all about user convenience and ease of access.


FoxClocks is a great program for any one looking to keep track of the time in another area of the globe.


Most recent changes made to FoxClocks

  • Issues with Firefox and Thunderbird watchlist settings fixed
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