Flappy Balloon

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Casual gaming has become increasingly popular, particularly with the development of mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Android. Players are constantly looking for casual and quick ways to enjoy their devices. One such game is Flappy Balloon.

Flappy Balloon is a visual remake of Flappy Birds. In both games, the idea is to take the object (a bird in Flappy Bird, a balloon in Flappy Balloon) and guide its flight so that it doesn’t knock into buildings or obstacles. The object continuously moves upward and can speed up in certain moments, so this is challenging. The reason for the remake may have been motivated because plenty of people expressed irritation at the bird in Flappy Birds.

The graphics are simple yet oddly charming animations of city skylines. The obstacles get increasingly hard to avoid, and there’s a lot of content in the meantime to get through. The levels increase in difficulty incrementally.

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