FIFA Online 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

FIFA Online

Play the classic football sim for free

Genres: Sports simulation, multiplayer gaming, freeware


FIFA Online is a soccer simulation game that allows players to experience all the fun of FIFA at absolutely no cost.


Players are invited to bring their friends, strangers, or just play against AI in this online based soccer tournament. An initial team is selected, and players can move throughout friendly small games, online tournaments, and even a FIFA World Cup 2010 Tournament simulation.


Full control is given to players, they have a lot to do beyond playing soccer. The games themselves are a small part of the deal negotiation, team formation settings, player injury factors, and more that all go into the FIFA Online simulation.


System requirements for the game are relatively decent, at 1.8GHz+ processing speed as the base requirement, but the game is worth it in its fully 3D rendered glory.


The game isn’t the same as the latest release from EA, but it is a free EA game that works as a valid soccer simulation tool. Players do have the option of using real money to buy game tokens to advance their players’ ability to heal, player skill level, or more, but this is the only place where money is involved and really that’s relatively good for a big game developing name like EA.


FIFA Online is a great game for soccer fans everywhere, and does not disappoint in its level of player control or quality of graphics.

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