FIFA 11 – FIFA 11 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Version: 1.0
Licence: Trial Version
Author: Electronic Arts
Size: 1.2 GB

FIFA 11 is soccer gaming at its finest. Being the latest version of EA’s popular soccer game series, this FIFA installment offers a large number of improvements and new features when compared to previous generations. This is what makes FIFA 11 one of the most realistic soccer simulations out there, even competing with Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 for the top spot. Having been blown away by older versions of FIFA, most users can’t really imagine how EA could make the game even better. But it was possible, since many users reported that all the improvements are not only cosmetic.

The enhanced gameplay available in FIFA 11 makes the whole experience just feel so much more like real soccer. And with the new Personality+ system, the AI players actually move and act like their real life counterparts do. This means that players like Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney will charge around after the ball whenever he’s not in possession of it, all while strike partner Dimitar Berbatov is happy to stand around and wait for something to happen. As you can see, it is just like the real life games that you have watched!

There have been a few more additions to the AI that help make FIFA 11 extra enjoyable to play. This includes things like on crosses, it is now normal to see more than one player coming up for the ball. You will also notice that all the players are faster than they were in previous installments of the game. Another significant change to note is that in FIFA 11, you can now control the goalkeeper. This is a very natural extension of gameplay and adds that extra element to make it even more engaging.

When you play FIFA 11, you will notice that you have more control over ball distribution with its refined passing system. In addition, handballs are now added for the first time into gameplay. When a defender is in the line of the shot, there is now the option to stick out a hand and block it. As you can see, EA made a great leap in realistic soccer gaming possibilities, so try it out today!

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