FeedDemon 4.5 – Great Feed Reader – Windows – Free Download

Version: 4.5
Licence: Free
Author: Newsgator
Size: 3,9 MB

RSS feeds are an ever-increasing way that people like to get their news from over the internet. By simply subscribing to an XML or RSS link, you can quickly and easily receive all the latest happenings from all over the world, all on one page. There are already a number of highly popular RSS readers like Google Reader and Bloglines, but there are also other options like FeedDemon.


FeedDemon is incredibly easy to install, and although it will ask you for a Newsgator account, you still have the option to launch the program even if you don’t have one. If you are worried about losing all the information you have on another RSS feed, you don’t have to worry. FeedDemon can import all of your previous subscriptions, and will even suggest new feeds that you may be interested in from all sorts of different categories.


Once it is installed and launched, FeedDemon automatically downloads all the latest posts. The feed is saved in multiple different categories as well, so you know exactly where to find a specific type of news story. And if you are looking for a specific title, you can use the search tool to quickly find what you want. One feature that is particularly useful – especially if you are doing a research paper – is FeedDemon’s ability to find news according to specific key words. Now you can filter out everything you don’t need and get right down to the useful information.


FeedDemon offers a whole list of additional features that make using an RSS feed easier than ever. It includes its own browser window so you won’t have to open up your internet browser, it supports tabs so you can read a number of articles at the same time, and you can even save specific posts to read later on. There is a whole slew of additional functionality that makes FeedDemon truly an RSS feed of the future, but you will just have to check it out for yourself.

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