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Fast Dial

Although the most used way to access frequently visited sites is through your browser’s bookmarks bar, why not get to those sites in a much more visually appealing manner? Fast Dial is a Firefox add-on that creates a local webpage with thumbnails of all your favorite websites. It is an easy process to make this local site your homepage, and then you have all of your most-used websites right there when you boot up your browser.


Although this seems like a very simple tool, Fast Dial is known for its customization options, as you have the ability to personalize just about any part of the program. This includes the number of sites that are displayed on the local page, the colors shown in the thumbnails, the size of the thumbnails, and you can even assign keyboard shortcuts to each of them. This means that you do not even have to use your mouse to get around. Just type the hotkeys that are required for a specific site, and you will be there in no time! Additionally, the Fast Dial thumbnail gallery opens with a button on the browser’s toolbar, so you can either have it as your homepage, or keep it more discreet.


Some users have noted, however, that Fast Dial is on occasion a little bit unstable. They have said that the program may unexpectedly change the thumbnail layout or even erase some of the them without your consent. Hopefully these flaws will be fixed in future versions of the program though, because the idea is good.


Some of the features of Fast Dial include:


  • Easily change a thumbnail’s position by a drag and drop functionality
  • Additional properties dialog options when you left-click on a thumbnail
  • Middle clicking on a thumbnail refreshes it
  • Hotkey shortcut options for all thumbnails
  • Option to create nested pages of thumbnails by checking the ‘Group’ box in thumbnail properties
  • Customizable fonts and colors
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