Extra Photo to Video Converter Free 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Extra Photo to Video Converter Free

Easily create photo slideshows to share memories

Growing photography collections tend to breed the desire to create slideshows and videos, allowing easy showing off of memories.  Extra Photo to Video Converter Free is a great software application for any one looking to make such productions particularly attractive.


The program is relatively easy to get started with. All users need to do is create the basis of their project. This involves selecting the images they’d like to use in the production, what they’d like to use as a background, and what format they intend to save their slideshow in.  Once these options are selected, there are more advanced features available, but the basic legwork is done.


The advanced features include subtitles, transitions, soundtrack synching, and more. These options all go into creating a better product, one the user can be proud of. Once the user is happy with their work, all that needs be done is a final preview before saving it into their desired format.


Extra Photo to Video Converter Free does save time, no doubt about it, but it also has freezing and glitching issues in relation to larger projects. This can be frustrating, though the product does usually work ultimately.
Extra Photo to Video Converter Free is a great program for any one looking to create a slideshow, but it does have its drawbacks (particularly with freezing).

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