Exteel – Exteel 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

Licence: Free
Author: Exteel
Size: 427.7 MB

Exteel is a free online game that is set in a futuristic environment with fast paced and action packed battles between robots. These robots are called mechanaughts, which are defined as ‘walking war machines.’ This description has been verified by players of the game, saying that they are in fact, exactly that.

It is easy to get the game up and running. All you need to do is create a free account on the game’s official website, and install the file. And that’s it, you are now ready to play. But no matter how eager you are to jump in and get going, it is highly recommended to follow the short tutorial in order to learn the basics of movement and weaponry in this game universe. Once you are done with that, you are ready to join in the battle. Make sure to note that because Exteel is a purely online game, there will be some waiting times while the server finds a game space and other players for you to have fun with. Once you start, do not worry if you feel a little bit lost at the beginning. Over time, you will make friends and really start understanding how it all works.

Exteel offers all the traditional game modes that players have come to expect, like death match, team death match, last stand, and more. Regardless of which one you choose to play, however, you will need to have very quick reflexes in order to kill your enemies and survive until the end of the round. The good news is that you re-spawn immediately after you are killed, which makes for a much longer game time. Every battle you participate in earns you a certain amount of credits. With those you can buy new weapons, skills, and other extras that allow you to fully customize your mechanaught.

The graphics of Exteel are impressive, especially when it comes to the rendering of the 3D environment and even the characters themselves. Then the background music adds that final touch that really pulls the whole game together into one great action-packed experience.

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