EverDesk Standard Edition 5.1.10 – EverDesk Standard Edition 100% Free for Windows

EverDesk Standard Edition
Version: 5.1.10
Licence: Trial version
Author: EverEZ Systems Ltd.
Size: 23.5 MB

EverDesk Standard Edition is the first and only email client that stores emails together with all of your other files and documents in a normal Windows folder. It combines all the best features of an email service, file manager, windows desktop, address book, and calendar into one user friendly and fully integrated interface. This alone makes EverDesk Standard Edition one of the most unique information management software tools on the market today.

The main feature of EverDesk Standard Edition is that you are able to see, organize, and work with all of your emails, attachments, and even Windows files and documents from within one window. This allows you to keep all relevant information on the same subject in one place, so you do not have to constantly switch between multiple programs and windows just to be able to see everything.

Besides this really great functionality, EverDesk Standard Edition offers some useful and unique features. the Unlimited QuickBoard panels allow you to have one-click access to files, documents, contacts, and applications. There are an unlimited number of categories that you can create to truly make the organization process something that will be useful to you. The automatic context-sensitive contact lists make it possible for you to hide online from everyone except for those who you talk with. The One Global Mailbox gives you the capability to see all the email messages you have in different accounts in one area.

EverDesk Standard Edition is the perfect tool for people who want to be able to see, organize, and work with their emails, attachments, documents, and Windows files without having to constantly shift back and forth. If this is you, you definitely need to check this system out today!

Some of the features of EverDesk Standard Edition include:

  • One interface for all of you activities
  • Fully integrated email and file management
  • Emails and attachments are stored as individual files
  • Universal folder trees are available for mail and files
  • Advanced mail and file viewing filters
  • Mouseover previews of mail and contact information
  • Transparent PGP encryption
  • Multimedia preview pane
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