Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Euro Truck Simulator 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

euro truck simulator
Version: 1.3
Licence: Trial Version
Author: SCS Software
Size: 119,3 MB

When you think of driving simulators, you probably imagine sleek racing cars, high quality Formula 1 drivers and courses, or street racing.  However, this game by SCS Software brings an entirely new meaning to the driving simulation category.  Euro Truck Simulator is designed to give you a true to life truck driving experience.

Get the true truck driving experience

Euro Truck Simulator is the European version of the popular 18 Wheels of Steel game.  Your objective is to drive from city to city picking up different cargo loads and making sure they arrive to their destinations on time.  The challenging part of the game is not only arriving on time, but also making the trip without damaging your truck.

In Euro Truck Simulator you can drive exclusive truck models  that are meticulously based on real life brands, like the most popular Mercedes, Volvo and Scania trucks.  The trucks are extremely detailed to give you the most accurate truck driving experience.  In addition to all of the typical dashboard controls like the speedometer, they even have included functioning tools such as flashers, windshield wipers, temperature control, and low fuel warning lights.  Euro Truck Simulator even lets you pan around the cabin, making you feel as if you were actually sitting in the drivers seat.

Another great feature of Euro Truck Simulator is the detail it has put into its scenery.  The highway network that you drive on is based on actual European roads.  You can also travel through some of Europe’s most famous cities like Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, and Barcelona, among many others.  The cities are all very realistically represented so that you feel you are truly getting the essence of these beautiful and historic places.

If you want to explore different European cities, play a challenging simulator game, or actually experience what it is like to drive an 18-wheeler truck across country, download Euro Truck Simulator now.

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